What Happens at a 4-H Meeting?

What Happens at a 4-H Meeting?

Hi there! Have you ever wondered what goes on during a 4-H club meeting? Let's take a closer look at the typical agenda for a meeting at our club. It is important to know that every club is run differently! Each one is run by volunteer leaders and they can choose how they want to set up their meetings. It depends on the type of projects of curriculum they offer, whether they have Cloverbuds (younger members) etc. 

1. The is meeting is usually led by club officers. The secretary takes roll and the President or Vice President begins the meeting.

2. At the beginning members gather for roll call. We have to make sure that members attend a certain number of meetings to be eligible for fair.

3. Then we start the 4-H Pledge and Pledge of Allegiance. We take volunteers each time to lead the pledges as this is a task on the advancement framework for our state.

4. Next we have member presentations. These can take the form of a video, a demonstration, or a hands-on learning activity. Again this is a check that they can put on their learning Advancements. (I attached the link here in case you want to see what they include)

5. Then we go into our curriculum for the meeting. Our club is made up of Cloverbuds and 4-H kids doing a few different projects, primarily swine. Therefore, we want to make our monthly meetings a little more general and teach sessions about various agriculture topics. As it gets closer to fair we specialize and hold workshops in the different projects area. When we can we like to have speakers come in and explain their farm/production. 

6. Before wrapping up the meeting, we sometimes do a brief records check to ensure that everyone is keeping up with their responsibilities. This often includes reviewing the recordbook homework assigned at the previous meeting and discussing any progress or challenges. In Oregon, the records required are extensive and we want to make sure we stay on top of it. Some states doing require records at all, check with your local extension agency to see what is required!

So, there you have it - a glimpse into what a typical meeting looks like at our 4-H club. It's a time for learning, sharing, and growing together as a community. 

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