Come paint with us!

We are a family who loves spending time together making art. It’s not always easy to find ways to connect with each other in a digital world. We hope that we can help you find creative ways to do just that.

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Blog Posts

Want to get advice on which watercolor supplies are great for families? This is an excellent guide to get you started. It’s also a great gift guide, hint hint!

Beginner Series Videos

Check out our beginner videos below! Each session contains a real-time paint along video, outlines, and additional project ideas to keep the fun going! All lessons are using our limited palette of colors as identified in the Beginner Watercolor Supplies for Families post unless indicated. However, they can all be done with the art supplies you already have!

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Getting Started With Watercolors gives you quick bite sized info to get you started! This free guide gives you short videos and handouts on topics from ranging from preparing your workspace to mixing colors. More lessons are being added as we go so check back or join our email list for updates!

Colorful River Rocks is a perfect first project for anyone starting out with watercolors!

You can use any art supplies you have!

Bugs and Grubs is excellent for beginners to practice a little more intricate brush control and have fun! This also includes some great tips for transferring outlines to your watercolor paper!

Beautiful Sky Bookmarks guides you in creating three landscape bookmarks from one piece of paper. 

Who are we?

Hi there!

We are so excited you are interested in joining us to learn about watercolors. I (Callyn) started painting with watercolor 3 years ago. I noticed there were lots of resources for adults but not that many for kids. My goal is always to share art with my kids in a low stress way… for all of us! 

We are a staff of three:

Callyn (mom)-  I love to paint expressive illustrative animals. I have loved art since I was young and was always creating something! My favorite color is cobalt turquoise. I use it in all my paintings of snowy skies.

Molly (8 years old) – Hi, I love painting cute animals and trying to paint peoples faces. My favorite color is teal. 

Carson (5 years old) – Hi I’m Carson. I like to paint dinosaurs! My favorite color is green.

We hope you enjoy.


The Kircher’s

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